Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

At Loftus Flooring Sales & Cleaning, we use the latest advances in modern technology alongside tried and true techniques to ensure your carpets are cleaned the right way. We provide a wide range of restoration services to help preserve your carpets' natural and unique look. We offer various preventative services to keep your carpets looking newer longer.

Upholstery Cleaning

Loftus Flooring Sales & Cleaning is committed to delivering a deeper clean with our upholstery cleaning services. We use a unique cleaning process that is a healthier clean for your upholstery. With our approach, you can remove deep-seated stains, pet hair, and dirt from furniture without using soapy detergents or harsh chemicals.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning

We can restore your tiled areas, whether one year or twenty years old. Our tile cleaning services include a variety of options, the most popular of which is steam cleaning to remove stains and color from deep within the grout. We can also protect the tile and grout from future harm by applying a new layer of sealant. Floor waxing and polishing are just icing on the cake, convincing everyone who sees your tiled areas that they are brand new.

Rug Cleaning

We understand that the carpet in each home or business is unique; there are carpets that receive heavier traffic, homes with pets and businesses with industrial carpet. That’s why Loftus Carpet Cleaning’s service is tailored to your specific carpet needs. Our professional technicians will analyze the carpet you need cleaned to determine the best method and cleaning solution for your particular carpet. With Loftus Carpet you can be sure your carpet or rug will receive the deep clean it needs.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Having clean and fresh smelling carpet is an important component when trying to create and maintain a professional image. With all of the daily tasks required to run a successful commercial building or business, it can seem impossible to keep your carpet looking flawless.

The highly skilled technicians at Loftus can give you commercial carpeting you’ll love, by rejuvenating your older looking carpet and making it like new again. No commercial carpet cleaning job is too big or too small; using proven techniques and a wealth of experience, our trained technicians can guarantee you phenomenal results.